The Workshop

Our Workshop
One of our most popular resources at New Directions is our own in-house workshop.

This multi-functional space is an amazing hub of creation and the base for our Technology, “Toolbox” and Woodwork sessions. Led by the workshop coordinator, the New Direction staff have supported people in a wide range of design and construction projects. A brilliant range of high quality products have been produced, often mirroring an individual’s own interests, and enabling people to develop their skills with the appropriate support and instruction.

Some of the many creative projects that our service users have been able to be involved in include solar power cars, woodworking tools, mosaic trays, musical instruments and film props. We have also introduced people to a range of design and manufacturing techniques including 3D printing, vacuum forming, latex moulding and computer programming for robotics, as well as good old-fashioned woodworking and craft.

In the workshop our service users have been able to learn new skills and techniques while working towards a wide range of outcomes, and overall we help people to create work they can feel really proud of.


The Hub
Eastgate Street,
ST16 2LZ